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1. I still remember the night _______I first came to the house.
2. I'll never forget the day________   we met each other last week.
3. Mr Black is going to Beijing in October, _______is the best season there.
4. I will never forget the days _______I spent with your family.
5. I'll never forget the last day______ we spent together.
6. This is the school ______I used to study. 
7. Do you still remember the place______ we visited last week?
8. Do you still remember the place_______ we visited the painting exhibition?
9. Have you ever been to Hangzhou,_____is famous for the West Lake?
10. Have you ever bee to Hangzhou, ______lies the West Lake?
11. Tom will go to Shanghai,______live his two brothers.
12. I live in Beijing,____is the capital of China.
13. There was a time ______there were slaves in the USA.
14. It is the third time ______you have made the same mistake.
15. It was in the street _____I met John yesterday.
16. It was about 600 years ago____the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made.
17. The moment _____I saw you, I recognized(认出)you.
18. This is the very novel about____we've talked so much.
19. This is the way____he did it.
20. Who is the student _____was late for school today?
21. Who _____knows him wants to make friends with him?
22. What else was there in my brother____you didn't like?
23. He lives in the room____window faces to the south.
24. He lives in the room, the window_____faces to the south.
25. This is Mr. John for____son I brought a book yesterday.
26. This is Mr. John for_____I bought a book yesterday.
27. This is the hour_____the place is always full of women and children.
28. And there is one point ______I'd like your advice.
29. Winter is the time of year______the days are short and nights are long.
30. I hope you will find this valley a beautiful place____you may spend your weekend.

1. when   2. when  3. which   4. that/which   5. that 6. where   7. that/which  8. where  9. which   10. where  11. where   12. which  13. when   14. that   15. that 16. that   17. (that)   18. which    19. (that/in which)   20.that 21.that   22 that   23.whose    24. of which   25. whose  26. whom    27. when   28. that    29. that     30. where

1. Don’t talk about such things of __________ you are not sure.
    A. which  B. what  C. as   D. those
2. Is this the factory __________ you visited the other day?
    A. that  B. where  C. in which  D. the one
3. Is this factory __________ some foreign friends visited last Friday?
    A. that  B. where  C. which   D. the one
4. Is this the factory __________ he worked ten years ago?
    A. that   B. where  C. which  D. the one
5. The wolves hid themselves in the places __________ couldn’t be found.
    A. that  B. where  C. in which  D. in that
6. The freezing point is the temperature __________ water changes into ice.
    A. at which  B. on that  C. in which  D. of what
7. This book will show you __________ can be used in other contexts.
    A. how you have observed    B. what you have observed
    C. that you have observed     D. how that you have observed
8. The reason is __________ he is unable to operate the machine.
    A. because  B. why  C. that  D. whether
9. I’ll tell you __________ he told me last week.
    A. all which  B. that   C. all that  D. which
10. That tree, __________ branches are almost bare, is very old.
    A. whose  B. of which  C. in which  D. on which
11. I have bought the same dress __________ she is wearing.
    A. as   B. that  C. which  D. what
12. He failed in the examination, __________ made his father very angry.
    A. which  B. it  C. that  D. what
13. We’re talking about the piano and the pianist __________ were in the concert we attended last night.
    A. which  B. whom  C. who  D. that
14. The girl __________ an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister.


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