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agree with sb  赞成某人 all kinds of  各种各样   a kind of   一样
all over the world = the whole world    整个 世界
along with  同……一道,伴随…… eg : I will go along with you  我将和你一去 
As soon as   一怎么样就怎么样      as you can see 你是知道的
Ask for ……求助  向…要…(直接接想要的东西)  eg :  ask you for my book  
ask sb for sth   向某人什么  ask sb (not) to do sth 让某人(不)干某事      
at the age of     在……岁时         eg:I am sixteen      I am at the age of sixteen   
at the beginning of ……    ……的开始 at the end of +地点/+时间   最后;尽头;末尾         eg : At the end of the day ;by the end of   到……为止;in the end = finally(adv)   最后
be afraid to do (of sth   恐惧,害怕……  eg : I'm afraed to go out at night     I'm afraid of dog
be allowed to do  被允许做什么 eg:  I'm   allowed  to  watch   TV 我被允许看电视I should   be  allowed  to  watch  TV  我应该被允许看电视
be angry with sb  生某人的气    eg : Don't be angry with me ;be angry with(at) sb for doing sth   为什么而生某人的气  
be away from   远离 be away from  从……离开
be busy doing sth  忙于做什么事      be busy with sth   忙于……
be different from……  和什么不一样be friendly to sb   对某人友好
be full of   装满……的/be filled with  充满 eg:  the glass is full of water /the glass is filled with water   
be good at(+doing) = do well in     在某方面善长, 善于……
be in good health =healthy     身体健康的   be in trouble   处于困难中  eg : She is in trouble      They are in trouble  
be mad at  sb   生某人的气    be supposed to do   被要求干什么
be made from 由……制成(制成以后看不见原材料)     补:be made in 在…生产或制造    be made of  由……制成(制成以后还看得见原材料)  
be sorry to do sth     be sorry for sb      eg : I am sorry for you    be sorry to hear that    be sorry to trouble sb      eg : I am sorry to trouble you  
be strict in doing  sth  严于做某事   eg : He's strict in obeying noles;  be strict with sb   对某人要求严格 Some students are not strict with them selves   这些学生对自己不严格; be strict with sb in sth    某方面对某人严格
be sure   表确定be sure of doing sth 对做某事有信心    eg: He is sure of winning     I am sure of learning English well   be sure of sth  对做某事有信心    eg: I'm sure of my head (my teacher   我相信我的大脑(老师) be sure that sth  对做某事有信心   eg: I'm suer that he can pass the test   我相信他能通过考试 be sure to do sth  一定会做某事    eg: We are sure to pass the test  我们一定会通过这次考试We are sure to learn English well  我们一定能学好英语
be worth doing  值得做什么
because+句子        because of +短语  eg : He was late because he had a headache.   He was late because of his headache
begin to do = start to do 开始做某事  start…with…=begin…with… 以什么开始什么  eg : Let's begin the game with the song     I begin to go home  
borrow sth from sb  向……借……    lend sth to sb ( lend sb sth   借给……什么东西   eg : I borrowed a pen from him   he lent a pen to me ( he lent me a pen 
catch up with sb  赶上某人 come up with  提出   eg: Can you come up with a good idea  你能想出一个好办法吗?


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