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  --When _________ you _______ it?
  A. have, seen B. will, see C. did, see D. had, seen
  ( )67. His sister read the picture- book three times yesterday, ___________.
  A. so he did B. she did so C. so did he D. so ~lid her
  ( )68. I _______ to bed until my grandma came back home.
  A. didn't go B. went C. had gone D. have gone
  ( )69. While she _________ TV in the sitting room, the bell________.
  A. watches, rings B. is watching, rang C. was watching, rang D. watched, was ringing
  ( )70. There ________a football match in our school this afternoon.
  A. are going to have B. is going to have C. are going to be D. is going to be
  ( )71. The headmaster ________for more than two weeks.
  A. has left B. has gone C. has been away D. has come back
  ( )72. --Where' s Mr Green? --Oh, he _________ Canada.
  A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. was in
  ( )73. The factory has been ________ for two years.
  A. open B. to open C. opening D. opened
  ( )74 .--How long have you ________there? --About four years. ~
  A. come B. gone C. left D. worked
  ( )75.--Must I clean the room now? --No, you __________.
  A. can' t B. may not C. mustn' t D. needn' t
  ( )76. ________ I close the window? It's so cold here.
  A. Will B. Do C. Would D. Shall
  ( )77.--Excuse me, Look at the sign NO SMOKING! --Sorry, I ________ it.
  A.don't see B.didn't see C.haven't seen D.won't see
  ( )78. He could_____ neither French or German, so I____ with him in English.
  A, speak, talked B. talk, told C. say, spoke D. tell, talked
  ( ) 79. I ________a very interesting programme on the radio this morning.
  A. listened B. heard C. saw D. watched
  ( )80. Could you _______ me your bike? Mine is broken. --Sure. It's there.
  A. borrow B. lend C. giving D. return
  ( )81 .--How much did you ________for the pen? --Five yuan.
  A. cost B. take C. pay D. buy
  ( )82.--Why not go to see the dolphin show with me? --Because I ________it.
  A. saw B. will see C. see D, have seen
  ( )83. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ________tomorrow.
  A. won' t rain B. isn' t raining C. doesn' t rain D. isn' t rain
  ( )84.--What did you do last night? --I _______TV with my family.
  A. watch B. am watching C. have watched D. watched
  ( )85. --Can I help you, sir? --Yes, I bought the radio here yesterday, but it ________.
  A. didn't work B.won' t work C.can' t work D. doesn't work
  ( )86. --What do you think of the football match yesterday?
  --Well, it' s surprising. The strongest team of our school ________.
  A. was beaten B. won C. scored D. was filled
  ( )87. The trees must _______three times a week.
  A. water B. watering C. be watered D.waters
  ( )88. --Alice, you ________ on the phone. --I' m coming. Thanks.
  A. want B-. are wanted C. are wanting .D. have wanted
  ( )89. --I saw Betty go to Grandpa Li's home just now.
  --Yes. She’s often seen _________ the old man with the housework..
  A: help B. to help C. helps D. helped
  ( )90. A talk on Chinese history __________in the school hall next Monday.
  A. be given B. has been given C. will be given D. will give
  ( )91. ______(Dog)dog is ______ useful animal.
  A. a, an B. a, the C. the, a D. the, /
  ( )92. John Smith is _______ honest man.
  A. an B. a C. the D. one
  ( )93. My father told me he was soon going to visit ________ USA.
  A. the B. a C. an D. /
  ( )94. Beyond _______ stars, the astronaut saw nothing but ________ space.
  A. the ,/ B. /, the C. /,/ D. the ,the
  ( )95. I believe that _______ young have a bright future.
  A. the b. an C. an D. /
  ( )96. Paris is ______ most beautiful city, where you can see ______ famous Eiffel Tower.
  A. a, the B. a, / C. the , an D. /,the
  ( )97. He dropped the _______ and broke it.
  A. cup of coffee B. coffee’s cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup
  ( )98. There are three ______ and seven _______ in the picture.
  A. deers, sheeps B. deers, sheep C. deer, sheep D. deer, sheeps
  ( )99. Lucy has been to _________ many times this year.
  A. his uncle b. her uncles C. uncle’s D. her uncle’s
  ( )100. The boys always stays here for _________>
  A. one and half hour B. one and half a hour
  C. one and a half hours D. one and half hours
  ( )101. The dinosaur’s eggs are found by explorers in the _______


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