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58.He has left Beijing,__a meeting is to be held.
A.when   B.where    C.as    D.which
59.His father died last year,____made it impossible for him to go abroad.
A.when   B.which   C.as    D.that
60.This is the very place___I’m wishing to live in.
A.where     B.which    C.that       D.in which
61.Is it in that factory_____”Red Flag” cars are made?
A.in which    B.where   C.that    D.which
62.I have bought the same dress__she is wearing.
A.as   B.that    C.which    Dthan
63.Can you solve such problems___raised by the audience?
A.what were    B.as were    C.that were   D.which were
64.The reason___he didn’t come was____he was injured.
A.that,because    B.why,that    C.why,because  D.that,that
65.He must be from Africa,____can be seen from his skin.
A.that    B.as    C.it    D.what
66.___is natural,he married Mary.   A.It      B.What    C.Which    D.As
67.The buses,____were already full,were surrounded by an angry crowd.
A.most of them    B.most of which     C.which most       D.that most
68.All___is needed is a supply of oil. 
A.the thing  B.that   C.what   D.which
69.He paid the boy 10 dollars for washing ten windows,most of___had not been cleaned for years.      A.these   B.those   C.that       D.which
70.She heard a terrible noise,___brought her heart into her mouth.
A.it   B.which   C.this      D.that
71.In the dark street,there wasn’t a single person____she could turn for help.    A.that   B.who   C.from whom   D.to whom
72.This is one of the means____the electic energy is conducted from one place to another.
A.by which    B.by that   C.through which  D.through that
73.The place___you are going to visit is the ruin of a place.
A.in which    B.at which   C.where   D.which
74.The last river___they crossed is two miles wide.
A.where   B.which    C.that    D.in which
75.The Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful parks____built in the Qing Dynasty.
A.where were  B.where was   C.that were   D.which was
76.The factory___I am going to is the place___my mother used to work many years ago.
A.where,where   B.where, which     C.which,where    D.that,which
77.Don’t trust such men____overpraise you to your face.
A.as    B.that    C.who     D.which
78.The professor has two sons,___are teaching in the same university.
A.neither of them   B.either of them  C.both of them   D.both of whom
79.Don’t do such things___you are not sure about.
A.that   B.which    C.as    D.what
80.Rober is good at language,____we all know.
A.because  B.for  C.as  D.since
81.China has hundreds of islands,____we all know.
A.in which    B.at which   C.of which    D.which
82.She wrote a letter to her father,___she made her secret known.
A.which   B.that    C.in which    D.where
83.Oxygen is a kind of gas,___we couldn’t live.
A.without it    B.without that    C.without which    D.if not
84.Matter is anything____
A.that take up space and have weight    B.which take up space and have weight
C.that takes up space and has weight      D.those take up space and have weight
85.I have many books,the best____was borrowed by Mary.
A.about them    B.of which    C.among them    D.in which
86.She showed me the ditionary___she paid a lot of money.
A.by which    B.to which    C.for which    D.on which
87.Abraham Lincoln is a man___I have the greatest respect.
A.who   B.to whom   C.whom   D.for whom
88.Edison had one suit___very little money,and which he wore until it was thin.A.which cost  B.which costs  C.which was cost  D.which has costed


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