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89.The people___in the paper did not like it,but other reader liked it very much.  A.who was written         B.who were written   
C.who were written about     D.whom were written about
90.Finally,the thief handed everything____he had stolen to the police.
A.which    B.what    C.whatever    D.that
91.His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone___family was poor.
A.of whom    B.whom    C.of whose    D.whose
92.Mayor will make an inspection of our school on Monday,___you can tell him how hard the situation we are in.
A.where     B.which     C.when    D.that
93.I’ll show you the magazine___I bought the other day.
A.who     B.that     C.what    D.where
94.The person___talking to the shop assistant is an engineer.
A.who is    B.what is    C.whom is    D.who you are
95.That is the office___Lincoln once worked in.
A.where     B.which      C.what     D.in which
96.The girl___aunt is a famous singer is fond of music.
A.who      B.whom    C.that     D.whose
97.The skirt is Ann’s___color is blue.   A.it’s  B.whose  C.who’s  D.that
98.The washing machine___last Wednesday works well.
A.I bought       B.I bought it     C.which I buy     D.that I bought it
99.The college students asked the soldier everything___he saw at the front. A.that          B.which           C.what            D.all what
100.Last year we visited the Summer Palace,___is one of the most beautiful places in Beijing.   A.where  B.which    C.in which   D.that
101.Watch the girl and her dog ___ are crossing the bridge.
A. which B. who C. they D. that
102.Who____know him would believe him?
A. whom   B .that  C. which  D. who
103.Which of the two cows____you keep produces more milk?
A. that  B. which   C. whom  D. what
104.His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone___ family was poor.
A. of whom  B. whom   C. of whose   D. whose
105.A child ___ parents are dead is called an orphan.
A. which   B. his    C. whose   D. of whose
106.The building ___ windows are bright at night is our school library.
A. that   B. which   C. whose   D. of whose
107.I have heard from my father,______ is in America .
A. which B. that C. whom D. who
108.There is a mountain ___ the top is always covered with snow.
A. of that   B. of which   C. its    D. that
109.I will hire the man ___ they say is a good English speaker.
A.who B. that C which D.whom
110.On the way I saw a student __ I thought was your brother.
A.whom    B. who    C. that    D. he
111.I can still remember the sitting-room __ my mother and I used to sit in the evening.  A.what   B. which   C. that   D. where
112.I know the place ____ we can have a quiet talk.
A.which  B. where C. wherever D. it
113.Nature,__gives supplies of food to every creature, is great.
A. who B. that C. whoseD.it
114.Would you please put the box _it belongs
A.to whom B. to which C into which D. where
115.You may take __ book you like.
A.which   B. only   C. whichever   D.what
116.China is the birth place of kites,___ kite flying spread to Japan, Korea, Thailand and India.
A.from that   B.from here   C. from there   D.from which
117.He has to work on Sundays,___ he does not like.
A. and which B.which C. and when    D.when
118. Is this museum ___ some German friends visited the day before yesterday. A.Which   B.that    C.where    D.the one
119.John was the only one __ I had visited.A.which B. that C.whom D.who
120The doctor will speak to ___ comes in first
A.whoever  B.whomever  C.whichever   D.whatever
121.Choose ___ you think is good .A.Which   B.that    C.whom   D.what
122.I gave him a warning,___ he turned a deaf ear.


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