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A. of which   B. for which  C.to that  D. to which
123.This dictionary, the few pages_____ are missing,is of fno use.
A.among which  B.of which  C.in which  D.to which
124.Give this prize to ___ composition is thought excellent.
A.whoever   B. whosever   C. whomever    D.whatever
125.This is a very boy___parents were killed in the war.
A.who B. that C. whose D whom
126.She is one of the few girls who___ passed the examination.
A.was B. were C. has D.have
127.The teacher ___ is at that desk over there. A.you should talk to B. you are talked to  C. whom you are talking   D. whom you are talked to
128.In the dark street, there was not a single person___she could turn for help. A.that B. who C. from whom D. to whom
129.Who__ has common sense can believe such a superstition.
A.who B. which C. but D. that
130That is the town ____he was born.
A.which   B. where   C. when  D. why..
131.We will be shown around the city: schools,museums,and some other places,____other visitors seldom go. 
A.what      B.which       C.where       D.when
132.Alec asked the policeman_____he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident.  A.with him  B.who       C.with whom      D.whom
133.He made another wonderful discovery,____of great importance to science.A.which I think is    B.which I think it is  C.which I think it  D.I think which is
134.Then the great day came_____he was to march past the palace in the parade.  A.where     B.since       C.when D.till
135.—I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.
—Is that the reason____you had a few days off?
A.why B.when C.what     D.where
136.Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play,_____,of course,made the others unhappy.   A.who       B.which       C.this    D.what
137.The gentleman_____you told me yesterday proved to be a thief.
A.who           B.about whom  C.whom           D.with whom
138.The result of the experiment was very good,____ we hadn’t expected.
A.when B.that    C.which           D.what
139.I shall never forget those years_____I lived in the country with the farmer,____ has a great effect on my life.  A.that;which       B.when;which  C.when;who  D.which;that
140.After living in Paris for fifty years,he returned to the small town___he grew up as a child.   A.which       B.where    C.that    D.when
141.This is the first sum of money_____the children’s family has received.
A.that    B.which    C.what  D.as
142.This is not the only apple___has rotten away.
A.which       B.that   C./       D.what
143.He seldom finishes his work on time,____ always makes his boss very angry.  A.that     B.as    C.that       D.which
144.She is such a lovely girl___is liked by everybody.
A.what  B.as  C.that       D.which
145.She likes to use words____are clear to him.
A.of which the meanings    B.meanings of which
C.whose of meanings        D.meanings of whose
146.I’ve read all the books___our teacher requires us to read.A.whichB.that C.what     D.they
147.Can you think out a situation____this idiom can be used?
A.which              B.that     C.where    D.with which
148.Mother bought me a new bike as my birthday present,____ made me very happy.
A.that      B.which   C.as  D.it
149.I,__your friend,will help you out. A.who is B.who am   C.that is    D.I am
150.My glass,____ I was like a blind man,fell to the ground and broke.
A.which B.with which   C.without    D.without which
151.I was so eager to leave that when I stood in the hall,ready to leave,I didn’t even think of saying good-bye to the friends_____I had eaten and slept for so many weeks.


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