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A.by whom         B.of whom    C.with whom         D.with which
152.The famous basketball star,____ tried to make a comeback,attracted a lot of attention.A.who  B.when    C.which D.where
153.Gone are the days______the working people suffered from cold and hunger.A.on that        B.at which      C.when               D.with which
154.This is the very building____I’ve been looking for the whole morning.
A.which              B.that        C.where    D.in which
155.The time_____ I spend on maths is much more than on English.
A.that    B.when     C.at which  D.during which
156.Mr.Green drove slowly on the way home until he reached the high way,_____ the speed limit was 60 miles per hour.   
A.because  B.which   C.where  D.that
157.We grow all our vegetables and fruit,____saves money,of course.
A.which       B.as    C.that  D.what
158.He arrived in New York,___ some time later,he became a writer.
A.when B.where   C.that      D.which
159.The stories about this secret person,___ this is one example,are widely spread among  people.
A.about which       B.of which     C.which D.from which
160.Mr.Green is an Australian,___ I know from his accent.
A.who    B.whom       C.which     D.that
161.Shanghai is the very place___the foreigners are eager to visit.
A.where   B.in which  C.that  D.whose
162.The doctor___is going to Europe next year.
A.which the manager is talking to     B.who the manager is talking  C.the manager is talking to him       D.the manager is talking to
163.Do you have anything ___I can do for you?
A.which B.what  C.else  D.when
164.All___you must do now is to lend us ten dollars,we] haven‘t brought any money with us at the moment.  A.that   B.what   C.which  D.things
165.Those are model workers, some___are young fellows.
A.of that    B.of whom  C.of who   D.of whose
166.The Science Building is very beautiful,behind___there is an orchard.
A.which   B.what  C.this   D.these
167.Joan is one of the best writers who___published a lot of books.
A.has    B.have   C.have been   D.are
168.When they met again,the two friends talked about lots of things and persons ____we could remember in the school.   
A.who  B.whom   C.that   D.which
169.He is___everyone respects. 
A.the person  B.the one which C.whom  D.who
170.This is the modern hotel___the guests can enjoy the most comfortable things.A.where    B.which     C.that     D.in that
171.July 27,1989 is the day___I will never forget,when we had a wonderful time.A.on which   B.when   C.whom    D.that
172.Both of them will remember the months and the years____they spent in the army. A.which      B.when        C.in which        D.what
173.It is the factory__produces all kinds of TV sets.
A.in which B.which C.what D.where
174.The sun is bigger than the earth,___even a child knows.
A.that    B.who     C.as   D.what
175.Miss Zhang devoted herself to the development of education,___led to her final success.  A.that   B.which   C.so that  D.so
176.Everything____should be___be done right now.
A.that,done must        B.that,must done
C.which,done should    D.that,should
177.Is that the lab____we did physics experiments in during our middle school days.   A.that     B.where   C.which   D.the one
178.Is the lab___the foreigners visited yesterday?
A.that B.where C.in which D.the one
179.I have the same book __you bought just now.
A.which B.that C.as D.whose
180.I’d like to borrow__typewriter as was used yesterday.
A.as B.the same C.the other D.same
181.I,___one of the sports-lovers,often spend some time on training in the stadium.  A.who am    B.who is    C.that am  D.whom is


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