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(   )12 .Please tell me where        from .A .do you come B .you come
(   )13 .In the story he wrote down        .
A .what had been happened B .what had happened to him
(   )14 .He told me that I        better take a taxi .A .had  B .should have
(   )15 .I want to know who        painting .A .likes  B .like
(   )16 .Father asked        .A .what was wrong with me B .what wrong is with me
(   )17 .He asked me if       .A .the train will arrive lately
B .the train always arrived late
Ⅲ .用适当的连词完?#19978;?#21015;状语从句。
1 .You can not go to the classroom        they are having a lesson .
2 .       they arrived at the cinema ,the film had already begun .
3 .They went on working        it was very cold .
4 .He speaks English        well        an Englishman .
5 .She was so careless        she made a lot of mistakes .
6 .They didn’t go home        they had worked out their maths problems .
7 .We should be always ready to care for others and help our comrades        Lei Feng did .
8 .       the weather is cold and wet ,you had better put on your coat .
9 .       you are very busy ,I shall do the job myself .
10 .I shall give you my umbrella(雨伞)        it rains .
11 .He asked me to stay        I was .
12 .Ma Lili is not        tall        her sister .
13 .She has made greater progress        we expected .
14 .       I was walking in the park ,I met Tom .
15 .       I had done my homework ,I went home .
16 .       she got home ,she began to wash her clothes .
17 .I didn’t go to bed        my father came back .
18 .Tom’s mother had been a teacher        she married .
19 .I waited        he had finished his work .
20 .Things have changed a lot        I wrote to you last time .
21 .Have a look at that man        you pass him .
22 .What were you doing        I knocked at the door ?
23 .It was already eight o’clock        we got home .
24 .       he was speaking everybody listened carefully .
25 .       he has time ,he will come and see us in Beijing .
26 .You can’t pass the exam        you study hard .
27 .The river has risen        it has rained much recently .
28 .       we are here ,we may stay and make the best of it .
29 .I don’t like winter here        it is very cold .
30 .He will not leave        it is fine tomorrow .
31 .I sat in the front of our classroom        I could hear clearly .
32 .He was        excited        he couldn’t say a word .
33 .It was        exciting news        we all jumped with joy .
34 .       you work hard ,you will fail .
35 .       he was very young ,he had been to many other cities .
36 .       he was a child ,he had to help his father on the farm .
37 .I hope it was        good        the one you lent me .
Ⅳ .单项选择(各地中考题)
(   )1 .Betty didn’t go to see the film yesterday        she was ill .
A .because B .but C .until  D .if(天津)
(   )2 .She asked me if I knew        .
A .whose pen is it B .whose pen it was C .whose pen it is  D .whose pen was it(天津)


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