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(   )3 .They didn’t start the work        their teacher came back .
A .until   B .while   C .as soon as  D .if(上海)
(   )4 .Miss Li wants to know        next week .
A .when my uncle leaves    B .when will my uncle leave
C .where my uncle will stay   D .where does my uncle stay(上海)
(   )5 .Could you tell me        with the money ?
A .how to do B .what should I do C .how I should do   D .what I should do(重庆)
(   )6 .Mr Smith is        teacher        all the students like him very much .
A .so kind a ;that B .a very kind ;that C .such kind a ;that  D .so kind a ;and(重庆)
(   )7 .We’ll stay at home if it        this afternoon .
A .rain B .rains  C .to rain  D .raining(吉林)
(   )8 .I don’t know        he will come tomorrow .       he comes ,I’ll tell you .
A .if ;Whether B .whether ;Whether C .if ;That  D .if ;If(辽宁)
(   )9 .The small children don’t know        .
A .what is their stockings in  B .what is in their stockings
C .where is their stockings in  D .what in their stockings(辽宁)
(   )10 .She will find him a kind man when she        more about him .
A .knows B .know C .will know D .is going to know (河北)
(   )11 .We’ll go out for a walk as soon as it        .
A .stops raining B .raining  C .stop to rain D .rain(济南)
(   )12 .The film was       interesting        everyone wanted to see it again .
A .too ;to   B .so ;that  C .not ;until  D .very ;that(济南)
(   )13 .I didn’t buy the dictionary yesterday       my aunt would give me one .
A .until   B .because  C .if    D .before(河南)
(   )14 .Bob didn’t go to bed        he finished his work .
A .until   B .after   C .while   D .when(安徽)
(   )15 .We don’t understand the passage        there is few words in it .
A .and    B .if    C .though   D .because(南京)
(   )16 .He asked his father        .
A .where it happens     B .where did it happen
C .how it happened     D .how did it happen(南京)
(   )17 .Could you tell me        you were late for the meeting this morning ?
A .where   B .why   C .when(武汉)
(   )18 .Can you tell me        you were born ,Betty ?
A .who    B .what   C .when   D .that(湖南)
(   )19 .No one runs as fast as John in his class .The sentence means        .
A .John runs fastest in his class
B .John runs faster than any other boy in his class
C .John runs more slowly than any other student in his class
D .John runs as fast as other in his class(江西)
(   )20 .Could you tell me        the radio without help ?
A .how did he mend     B .what did he mend
C .how he mended     D .what he mended(山西)
(   )21 .What was Jim doing        the teacher came in .
A .while   B .and   C .when   D .but(西安)
(   )22 .You’ll be late        you don’t get up early tomorrow .
A .if    B .when   C .before   D .until(广西)
(   )23 .I’ll come to see you        I’m free next Sunday .
A .until   B .after   C .if    D .before(宁夏)
Ⅴ .根据汉语完?#19978;?#21015;各句。
1 .This book is                                (比那本书?#35757;?#22810;) .
2 .The teacher let us read the text                              (她读完后) .


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