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8. I don’t know ____ Jane was late for school this morning.
A. whoB. whatC. whomD. why
9. They don’t know ____ their presents are.A. whenB. whyC. what
10. Mike asked the girl in the shop ____ the watch ____ cheap enough.(1998云南)
A. that; isB. if; wasC. that; wasD. whether; is
11. I think he ____ back next week.A. comeB. will comeC. cameD. has come
12. Xiao Mao told me he ____ a film with his mother the next day.
A. would seeB. will watchC. would lookD. will see
13. Could you tell me if it ____ tomorrow?A. rainB. will rainC. rainingD. rains
14. He said that he ____ speak a little English when he was five.A. mightB. wouldC. couldD. can
15. I want to know if they ____ the spring sports meeting next month.
If they ____ it, I must get ready for it.
A. hold; will holdB. will hold; hold C. hold; holdD. will hold; will hold
1. –Do you remember ____ he came?-Yes, I do, he came by car.A. how B. whenC. thatD. if
2. That woman wanted to know _____ her daughter liked the sweater.A. whetherB. whatC. thatD. which
3. Have you decided when _____ for London?
A. will you leaveB. you will leaveC. are you goingD. you are going
4. –Excuse me. Could you tell me ____? -Certainly.
A. when can I get to the stationB. I can get to which station
C. which station can I get toD. how I can get to the station
5. –What did your mother say, Tom? -She asked me why ____.
A. my sister cryingB. my sister was crying
C. is my sister cryingD. was my sister crying
6. I wonder what time _____ arrive.
A. does the trainB. will the train C. the trainD. the train will
7. I wondered _____ our teacher did that for.A. thatB. ifC. whatD. why
8. Did you hear _____?A. what did I sayB. what I saidC. that I saidD. I said which
9. Can you tell me which room _____?
A. does he live inB. does he livesC. he lives inD. he lives
10. The little boy often asks me what ______?
A. will our life of tomorrowB. will our life tomorrow be like
C. our life of tomorrow likeD. our life of tomorrow will be like
11. Do you really know _____ used?
A. how widely English isB. how wide is English
C. English is how widelyD. how is English wide
12. Would you please tell me ______ with Peter? He looks unhappy.
A. what’s the matterB. what wrong is
C. the wrong is whatD. what wrong it was
13. –Excuse me, where _____? Do you know? -Yes. I know where _____?
A. Jim lives; he livesB. does Jim live; do he live
C. Jim lives; does he liveD. does Jim live; he lives
14. I didn’t know _____ and _____.
A. what’s his name; how old he isB. what his name was; how old he was
C. what his name is; how is he oldD. that was his name; he was how old
15. My friend hasn’t decided _____ on a trip to Wuxi on holiday.
A. if he goesB. when will he go C. if he’ll go D. where he go
16. Did you ask her what ______ outside?
A. was happened to himB. he had happened C. he happenedD. had happened to him
17. The man in the shop asked the woman _____
A. which kind does she likeB. which kind she is  C. which kind is she likesD. which kind she likes
18. No one told us _____, so we need your help.
A. how should we doB. what should we do C. how to do itD. what to do it
19. I don’t know ______ the day after tomorrow.
A. when does he comeB. how will he come C. if he comesD. whether he’ll come
20. –Could you tell me _____?-Yes, they _____ to the library.
A. where are the twins; have beenB. where the twins are; have gone
C. where were the twins; have beenDwhere the twins were; have gone


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