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45. I’m not sure what to do this evening.Any ideas?--Good idea.
A.How about going to the cinema?      B.I agree.
C.You never go shopping.           D.You mustn't go to the park.
46. Excuse me, may I have your name?—___________.
A. All right        B. Of course    C. Yes, please   D. Call me Andy, please
47. It’s raining heavily. Let’s stand under that big tree.
--–_________. It’s very dangerous to do so in such weather.
A. We don’t have to      B. Let’s go   C. All right     D. We’d better not
48. Who’s that speaking? --– _______________.
A. I’m Michael    B. That’s Michael speaking   C. It’s me   D. This is Michael
49. Hi, John. What are you going to do this Sunday? —_______. Do you have any ideas?
A. Nothing serious.  B. Nothing much.   C. No problem    D. Thank you.
50. May I speak to Mr. Brown?---__________ . I’ll go and get him.
A. Speaking       B. Wrong number   C. Hold on, please

参考答案:一、1—5 B A B D B 6—10 C D D B A 11—15 B B C C D 16—20 C B D C C
81-85 D B D C C  86—90 D D B C A  91—95 B C B D C  96-100 A D C B A
41-45 B D C A C  46—50 B D D C A  51—55 D A C B B  56—60 C C D C D
61-65 C A D A B  66—70 C B D A B  71—75 C D D B B  76—80 D A C B A
21-25 B D D D A  26—30 B C B A D  31—35 B C C C D  36—40 B D A C B
二、1-5:DAABD   6-10:CBCAA   11-15:CDAAB  16-20:BBAAA   21-25:BDCBA
  26-30:DDADD  31-35:DAADD  36-40:BCBAA  41-45:DABDA   46-50:DDDBC



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