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This is a song millions of Americans will hear this New Year’s Eve. It is called Auld Lang Syne (《友谊地久天长》). It is the traditional music played during the New Year’s celebration. Auld Lang Syne is an old Scottish poem. It tells about the need to remember old friends.
The words “auld lang syne” mean “old long since”. No one knows who wrote the poem first. However, a version by Scottish poet Robert Bums was published (出版) in 1796. The words and music we know today first appeared in a songbook three years later.
The song is played in the United States mainly on New Year’s Eve. The version (译文) you are hearing today is by the Washington Saxophone Quartet. As we end our program with Auld Lang Syne. I would like to wish all of our radio friends a very Happy New Year! This is Buddy Thomas. (from www.zkenglish.com)
1. Where is this passage from?
A. A newspaper. B. A magazine.
C. A TV program. D. A radio program.
2. Who is introducing Auld Lang Syne to us?
A. Robert Bums. B. The Washington Saxophone Quartet.
C. Buddy Thomas. D. The passage doesn’t tell us.
3. When is Auld Lang Syne mainly played in the USA according to the passage?
A. On New Year’s Eve. B. On Christmas Eve.
C. On weekends. D. On holidays.
4. When did the words and music of Auld Lang Syne we know today first appear?
A. In 1790. B. In 1793.
C. In 1796. D. In 1799.
5. What’s Auld Lang Syne about?
A. It’s about the history of Scotland.
B. It’s about an old Scottish poet.
C. It’s about the need to remember old friends.
D. It’s about the wishes to the radio friends.


Have you ever heard of a girl of 15, who set up a company of her own? Wendy Wong is the girl. She started the business two years ago. She has already written several successful computer games. They are so popular that over half a million games are sold every year. Now all of her family work in her business, and she is still at school.
She gets up early in the morning, and then she talks with her family about the business over breakfast. Every day she goes to school in her own car with a driver, for she is not old enough.
She enjoys her school, but some of the work is too easy for her to feel interested. She usually gets ‘A’ grades in all her subjects, so the other students often ask her for help.
She finished her homework in half an hour after her driver takes her home. After dinner, she goes to her office and goes on working on her computer, writing games until 2 am. She does not usually need so much sleep as other children.
1. When did Wendy Wong start the business?
2. What has Wendy Wong already written successful?
3. How does Wendy Wong go to school every day?
4. How about her grades in all her subjects?
5. How long can she finish her homework?

S 实例?#27835;觶?#20849;五篇)
Henry was an office worker in a big city. He worked very hard and enjoyed traveling in his holidays.
He usually went to the seaside, but one year he saw an advertisement in a newspaper. “Enjoy country life. Spend a few weeks at West Hill Farm. Good food. Fresh air. Horse riding. Walking. Fishing. Cheap and interesting.”
“This sounds a good idea,” he thought. “I’ll spend a month at West Hill Farm. I think I can enjoy horse riding, walking and fishing. They’ll make a change from sitting by the seaside and swimming.”
He wrote to the farmer. In the letter he said that he would like to spend all of July there. Then on the first of July, he left for West Hill Farm.
But four days later, he returned home.
“What was wrong with West Hill Farm?” his best friend, Ed, asked him. “Didn’t you enjoy country life?”
“Country life was very good,” Henry said. “But there was another problem.”
“Oh. What?”
“Well,” he said, “the first day I was there a sheep died, and we had roast mutton for dinner.”
“What’s wrong with that?” Ed asked. “Fresh meat is the best.”
“I know, but on the second day a cow died, and we had roast beef for dinner.”
“Lucky you!”
“You don’t understand,” Henry said. “on the third day a pig died and we had roast pork for dinner.”
“A different meat every day,” Ed said loudly, “and you are complaining!”
“Let me finish,” Henry said. “on the fourth day the farmer died, and I didn’t dare (敢)stay for dinner!”
1. How did Henry find out about the farm?
A. He saw it in a newspaper advertisement.
B. His best friend told him.
C. He wrote to the farmer.
D. Maybe he learned it from the radio.
2. Henry came back home several days later because ______________.
A. he didn’t like the country life at all
B. the farmer wasn’t friendly to him
C. his holiday was over
D. he thought he might have to eat the farmer
3. “…and you are complaining!”, the word “complain” means __________.
A. 夸奖 B. 说三道四 C. 抱怨 D. 故弄玄虚
4. Which of the following sentences is true?
A. Ed could eat a different kind of meat every day.
B. Henry thought he could enjoy a change.
C. Henry couldn’t think of anything else to do, so he went to the farm.
D. The farmer died because of the bad meat he ate.
5. Which is the best title for the passage?
A. What a beautiful farm! B. Have a good time.
C. A short holiday  D. Henry and the farmer.

Paragraph 1
Scientists have learned a lot about the kinds of people need. They say that there are several kinds of food that people should eat every day, they are: (1) green and yellow vegetables of all kinds; (2) citrus (柑桔) fruits and tomatoes; (3) potatoes and other fruits and vegetables; 94) meat of all kinds, fish and eggs; (5) milk and foods made from milk; (6) bread or cereal (谷类), rice is also in this kind of food; (7) butter, or something like butter.
Paragraph 2
People in different countries and different places of the world eat different kinds of things. Foods are cooked and eaten in many different kinds of ways. People in different countries eat at different times of the day. In some places people eat once or twice a day; in other countries people eat three or four times a day. Scientists say that none of the differences is really important. It doesn’t matter whether foods are eaten raw or cooked, canned (罐装的) or frozen (冷冻的). It doesn’t matter if a person eats dinner at 4 o’clock in the afternoon or at eleven o’clock at night. The important thing is what you eat every day.
Paragraph 3
There are two problems, then, in feeding the large number of people on the earth. The first is to find some way to feed the world’s population so that no one is hungry. The second is to make sure that people everywhere have the right kinds of food to make them grow to be strong and healthy.
6. According to(依据)the scientists,which of the following groups of food is the healthiest for your lunch?
A. Chicken, apples, cereal and cabbages.
B. Potatoes, carrots, rice and bread.
C. Oranges, bananas, fish and tomatoes.
D. Beef, pork, fish and milk,
7. It is important for people to eat ______.
A. three times a day
B. dinner at twelve o’clock
C. cooked food all the time
D. something from each of the seven kinds of food every day
8. People in different countries and different places of the world ________.
A. have the right kinds of food to eat
B. cook their food in the same way
C. have their meals at the same time
D. eat food in different ways
9. Which of the following is not true?
A. People in some places don’t have enough to eat.
B. There are too many people in the world.
C. One of the problems is that no one is hungry.
D. The scientists are trying to make people grow to be strong and healthy.
10. If there is Paragraph (段落) 4, what do you think is going to be talked about?
A. When people eat their lunch.
B. What to do with the two problems.
C. How to cook food in different ways.
D. Why people eat different kinds of food.
People often say, “Children can’t do math problem, it’s because parents can’t do their children’s homework.” Here’s an example to show what I mean.
The other day my daughter brought home her math homework. “I have to subtract (减) 179 from 202,” she said.
“It’s quite easy,” I said. “You put the 202 over the 179.”
“But we need a 10 here. Where is the 10?”
“I don’t know where the 10 is. Let’s just subtract 179 from 202. Nine from two is three. You carry one and add it to seven. Eight from zero is two. The answer is 23.”
“We can’t do it that way. We have to use the 10.”
“Well, I’m going to call your teacher to see how she subtracts 179 from 202.”
Over the telephone, I said that I was having a bit of trouble with the homework she had given to my daughter. The teacher said, “In the right-hand column (栏) we have units of one. The two in that column counts for two ones. The zero in the center counts for zero tens. The two in the left-hand column counts for hundreds. Are you clear?” But I didn’t think I was clear.
I hung up and found my way to the medicine box. My head was now hurting. I started putting pills of medicine into my mouth. “How many did you take?” my wife asked. “I took one and then I took another…I know one and one was two, but don’t ask me what it is now.”
11. The daughter wanted ______ the other day.
A. to give her father a lesson
B. to show how difficult math was
C. her father to phone her teacher
D. her father to help her with her homework
12. Which of the following sentences is not true?
A. The father had a different way to do the math problem.
B. The father couldn’t do his daughter’s homework.
C. The daughter couldn’t understand her father’s way.
D. The daughter had some trouble doing the math problem.
13. From what the teacher said, we know that the word “units” means ______ here.
A. whole numbers less than 10 B. whole things
C. groups of lessons  D. the smallest numbers
14. What the teacher said made the father _________.
A. angry B. worried C. sad D. tired
15. Can you guess what would happen next in the story?
A. The father would go to school and begin to learn math.
B. The father would become very ill and have to take more medicine.
C. The father would never do his daughter’s math problems again.
D. The father would go to the school and fight with the teacher.



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