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Know, both, sad, happen, friend, but, different, happy, picture, they, though, one

  Bella and Fiona were classmates last year. But this year they are in 1.__________ classes. Bella is in Class A and Fiona is in Class B. On the 2. ___________ day of this term, Bella looked around Class A. She 3.___________ few of the children. She was very 4._________ there. So she missed Fiona very much.

  In the art class, Bella sat alone in the classroom. She started painting a summer 5. __________. Then a child named John came and sat next to her. John told Bella about his summer vacation. 6. ___________ both painted pretty summer pictures. Bella started feeling better. At the end of the art class they became good 7. __________. On that day, the same thing 8._________ to Fiona, too.

  Bella’s drove to their school to pick them up in the evening. Fiona and Bella were very happy to see each other. “9._________ we are not in the same classroom, we can still see each other,” Bella said.

  Bella and Fiona talked and laughed on the way home. They 10. _______ made new friends at school. But they wanted to keep their old friendship, too.

  1-10 different, first, knew, sad, picture, they ,friends, happened, though, both.

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