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  How tokeep healthy /fit?

  All of us want to be healthy. First,we should get enough sleep during the night. We can go to bed early and get up early. Staying up late is bad for our health. Second,we must have the right kinds of food. We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. We should drink a lot of water. We should have healthy eating habits. Third,we should do more exercise to build up our bodies. Finally,we should be happy everyday. Because smile will make us younger.

  That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.


  How to keep healthy /fit?

  Here is my advice about how to keep healthy/fit. As a middle shool student. first you'd better do more exercise such as playing ball games ,running, swimming and jumping ropes(绳子)。Then you should pay attention to your diet or meals. Don't eat too much meat or suger,but more vegetables and fruit.Third you need enough sleep or rest . Next keep yourself happy.As people often say smiling makes younger.Last you mustn't drink wine or smoke .They are bad for your health. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.

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